PLEASE READ And Print Copy for future reference. Trips we will contact you TWO days before your trip to set up a meeting point and time. You can expect the guide to call between noon and 7:00 PM. All you will need are a pair of chest high waders, polarized sunglasses and a fishing license. We will also know the state we will fish and advise you on purchasing your license at that time. All rods, reels, flies, tippets, leaders, jigs etc. baits are included in the trip price. There are no hidden costs. Father- Son discount is good only for children under 18yrs old. The guide will choose the stream we will fish. All guides are self-employed. your guide balance due the day of your trip. Personal checks are not accepted for balance without prior approval from guide. Maximum number of anglers per guide is three. A $50 nonrefundable deposit will be due the day of schedulling. Deposit will be refunded if guide is force to cancel trip due to flooded and fronzen stream conditions. Your safety is our number one concern.

On all guided trips light Lunch will be served streamside. (IF ANY FOOD ALLERGIES PLEASE LET US KNOW ABOUT IT AHEAD OF TIME) Your guide will have bottled water and or soft drinks. He will also have a thermos of coffee for the morning. We would be happy to make recommendations and assist you with your lodging needs if need be. For questions or inquiries please speak to your guide, email, call, text any time.

A nonrefundable $50 deposit will be due at the time of scheduling via Zelle or cash.

Chico Morales.